Pregnancy Pilates

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Pregnancy Pilates is a safe and effective way to prepare for labour. Our classes focus on breathing, posture, stretching and strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor, back and core. You will learn lots of tips for a healthy labour and how to keep a healthy weight during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Pilates helps prevent diastasis recti, develops strong pelvic floor muscles, better breathing control resulting in less discomfort due to postural changes.  You can expect stronger legs, hips, shoulders and core and a quicker recovery to a pre-pregnancy body.

Pilates will help ease your delivery and prepares your body for the carrying and care of your new baby.

Pregnancy Pilates promise balance, strength and coordination. One can say that Pilates are specific in nature in terms of muscles involved and also in terms of benefits.

“Having been pregnant myself I have firsthand experience of the benefits of pregnancy Pilates during Pregnancy during Labour and following Birth. PREGNANCY PILATES IS A MUST. It kept my back strong and my body lean and my energy levels up supporting a very healthy and easy labour with no need for gas epidural or outside help or intervention. The breathing kept me focused and calm throughout with virtual no problem afterwards with a strong back shoulders arms and core had no problems carrying baby around.”
– Claudia Vanoli


What to Bring:

Everyone must bring a pillow, a mat and a blanket. We also advise you wear comfortable clothing in which you can move easily.


How do the Classes Work?

You can start our pilates classes once you reach 12 weeks and attend right up until your due date.


How to Get Started

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