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The Pilates Reformer machine allows the body to rediscover movement patterns that can restore the mind & body connection instantly. Through regular practice you will gain a body that is fitter, healthier and more energized – all the fundamental elements that keep us happy and well for years to come.


  • Increased Muscular Endurance
  • Increased Body Awareness
  • Increased Core Strength
  • Improved Posture
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Improved Breathing
  • A Long and Lean Body
  • Reduced Body Fat

What to Expect:

For you first introductory class, please be there 15 minutes early to fill out the registration form and meet your instructor. The registration form is important to ensure the instructor is aware of your medical history and any injuries you may have. Your instructor will introduce you to the equipment, techniques and exercises that will form the foundation of your education in Reformer Pilates.

What to Wear:

We advise you to wear comfortable clothing that you can move easily in. Try not to wear anything too loose fitting as we need to see your posture as you move. Please avoid clothing with zips or clips/buttons as it damages our equipment. You can do the classes in your socks or bare feet.

Please remove any jewelry for class – this is for your safety (it can reduce your circulation) but we also request that you follow this advice to protect our equipment.

When you arrive at the studio please ensure that your phone is turned off so as not to disturb others in class.


What to Bring:

French Vanoli provides everything you need for your Pilates reformer class. You might like to bring a towel and a water bottle. We have a filtered water tap which you can use.

How to Get Started

#1 Intro Class

Every Thursday at 5pm, we offer an intro class where you’ll be taught the basics of pilates reformer.  After class, we’ll work with you to get setup with membership. 

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#2 Join a Course

1 Class/Week
€ 100
per 5wk course
2 Class/Week
€ 180
per 5wk course

Drop In Rates:

  • € 20/class (members)
  • € 25/class (non-members)

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