Athlete Program

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The French Vanoli Athlete Program consists of 12 small group training sessions per 4 week term, limited to 8 individuals, which take place 3 days per week; Mondays and Wednesdays @6pm and Fridays @ 5pm and costs €110 per month.

The program has been designed in order to:
• Improve basic movement patterns and mechanics
• Rehabilitate any injuries or imbalances that are currently present
• Build strength and lean muscle mass while promoting fat loss
• Improve cardiovascular endurance and core stability

We include various training modalities within our programming such as powerlifting and functional hypertrophy resistance training, plyometric training and various core training variations in order to ensure maximum return for any individual involved. There are no minimum requirements for the program and everyone is welcome regardless of their current ability.

How to Get Started

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12 classes
per 4 weeks