Guest Spots

Guest Spot – Suzanne Moloney

CrossFit member Suzanne has managed to stay consistent with her training since becoming pregnant. Here’s what she had to say about it…   How far along into your pregnancy are you? I’m nearly 36 weeks pregnant so not too long… Read more »

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Guest Spot – Laura Meere

How long have you been training here at French Vanoli and what made you initially decide to start training here I started attending classes in French Vanoli in February of this year, so I’m just six months at it, still… Read more »

Pamela Bradley

What brought you to French Vanoli and the Strength & Core class?  I originally just tagged along with my partner, he was starting so I said, “sure I’ll give it a go too” I had no idea what to expect.    How long have you… Read more »

Eve Miley

Eve Miley is one of French Vanoli’s long standing members and we caught up with her to find out just how she has kept up her motivation throughout the years. Eve continues to impress us and our new members in… Read more »

Kate McKenzie

This month we caught up with Kate McKenzie, one of our visiting CrossFitters. CrossFit has a fantastic culture of visiting CrossFit boxes throughout the world and we have so many people that drop in to us throughout the year –… Read more »