Beating the January blues!

Beating the January Blues

• Don’t dwell on December’s Over Indulgence! It’s once a year, and it’s not worth it if you can’t do it guilt free.

• Set some goals – one long-term (6- 12 months) , one semi-long-term (3-6 months), one short term (4-6 weeks). Something to get you motivated. This can be training related or just a personal goal.

• Sign yourself for something…a race, a walk, a climb. Get a friend to sign up too so you are both accountable!

• Mix things up with your training to keep it interesting. Add something new into your regular training regime, something you don’t usually do. That could be anything from taking up yoga, swimming, running once a week, or adding 1 hour of gymnastics/skills practise in over the week. Be as consistent as you can with this, and try and schedule it in on a particular day every week.

• Self-Care. Work hard, train hard, but don’t forget to wind down as well, and do something nice for yourself once a week! I would recommend something where you can switch off the phone and get some headspace! Wrap up warm and take a nice stroll along the beach or through the woods. A great way to clear the head and connect back to nature. Follow this up with a nice hot soak in the bath and you’re onto a winner! If you’re like me, there’ll be a glass of wine to accompany that 😉 Treat yourself to a massage every now again, a nice meal out or even a night away. There are always lots of deals around so doesn’t have to break the bank.

• Read more! Get off the phone/laptop and immerse yourself in a good book. I’m all about podcasts and articles online…but there’s nothing than can beat just getting away from technology and sitting in the peace and quiet with an actual book or magazine.

• Arrange that meet up with a friend that you’ve been putting off for ages because you’ve been “too busy”. Schedule a day/time and stick to it. You won’t be sorry.

• If you’re feeling a little down, tell a friend. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having bad days, everybody goes through it. But sharing your feelings with a good friend can help. You’ll often find that just becoming aware of the fact that you’re feeling a little unhappy, and taking ownership of it, can be a huge step in getting to the root of the problem. Sharing your thoughts with a friend and acknowledging these feelings will put you back in the driver seat again and help you in moving forward.

Coach Donna