Guest Spot – Ciara McEllistrim

How did you hear about CrossFit?

I think I first heard about CrossFit a couple of years ago when I was looking at training videos on YouTube about how to improve my strength and fitness for rock climbing, I really wanted to be able to do my long sought after first pull up and as result CrossFit videos started appearing in my recommended for you section. I heard about crossfit again more recently from watching the fittest on earth movie on Netflix
How long have you been training here at French Vanoli and what made you initially decide to start training here?

I have been training in French Vanoli for about three months now. I initially decided to start training here for a couple of reasons, CrossFit Galway had been recommended to me by the coaches at my previous gym, I did a drop in and I really like how the classes were ran and saw that there were some really great coaches there and lastly the class times really suited my own schedule.


You currently take part in our CrossFit program. How do you feel it has helped your fitness levels since starting it?

I think it has given me a more well-rounded fitness level, I have never really had strong legs since I never really focused on training them, my cardiovascular endurance has also increased tenfold since starting CrossFit, I am really happy with how my how my fitness level has improved from taking in the CrossFit program.


What is your favourite and least favourite thing about CrossFit?

I think the high level of coaching is definitely one of my favorite things, the coaches are always there to help you reach your goals/targets and give you the advice on how best to do that, they are also always there making sure you are carrying out all the movements correctly especially during the more technical movements. My least favourite thing about CrossFit would without a doubt would always be the burpees I have always had a hatred for them.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time apart from CrossFit and do you find it helps with those activities?

In my spare time I enjoy surfing, hiking and rock climbing both indoor and outdoor CrossFit has definitely helped me with all three of these, having a stronger core and legs has definitely helped my pop up, balance and stability for surfing. I have become a much better hiker too because I am much more physically able to deal with steeper inclines.


Can you tell us a bit about the CrossFit community at CrossFit Galway?

The community is amazing no matter what your age or ability everyone it there encouraging each other on, it is like one big group of friends that you are welcomed into from the moment that you start there. What’s great is that even if you feel like you are dying and struggling to finish a workout everyone that’s finished will be there cheering you on and motivating you to finish it really helps you to make a final  push to finish the workout. The community here also makes sure that working out is never boring, there is always something to laugh or joke about when everyone comes together for the class.


Do you have any advice for people who may be thinking about starting CrossFit or who are maybe slightly apprehensive about taking the plunge?

I would say just go for it even if there is something that you see that intimidates you maybe because there is something you can’t do it or have never done it, don’t worry about that because everything can be adapted to what you are able to do and eventually you will be able to do everything that you couldn’t do when you started. For the moves that you can’t do or don’t know about, the coaches in CrossFit are amazing and will teach you exactly what you need to know so there is no need to be apprehensive.