Movement Of The Month – Single Leg Deadlift


The Single Leg Deadlift develops hip strength and power and it also allows the muscles of the hips and legs to act as stabilizers.

This excellent exercise also improves core strength and every time you stand on one leg, you’re using the same muscles for balance and stability that are generally used for force production.

Forcing the body to maintain stability on one leg allows you to recognise strength imbalances from left to right side.

How to perform the Single Leg Deadlift.

– Begin by standing with one leg slightly raised from the floor with the alternate leg stabilising your standing positon.
– From there begin to extend your raised leg backwards at the same time as you lean forward in tandem with your upper body.
– Continue this motion keeping your back straight and head neutral until your shoulders are close to the same level as your hips and your rear leg is locked out behind you with your toes flexed towards your body.
– Pause for a brief moment maintaining your balance and then steadily return to the start position.

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Key points to note .

The hips hinge and move back over your heels.

This move is not about the torso bending forward; it’s about the hips moving backward.

The front knee will bend, but it does not move forward excessively.

The shoulders and hips remain parallel to each other and the floor.

The Knee must track the toe; do not let the knee collapse inward or outward.

This exercise should be performed slow and controlled—not fast and bouncy.


Hope that helps folks.

Coach Padraic