This Year vs Next Year

Think back to the beginning of this year, right around the time you decided on your new year’s resolutions. Of these resolutions think about the ones relative to fitness. Think about the progress you have made since making these resolutions, how easily achievable they were or, on failing to reach them, what obstacles stood in the way and if these obstacles were in fact as significant as they seemed at the time.

We are heading to that time of the year again. Soon everybody will be making their world domination plans once more with the upmost motivation and drive but the littlest understanding of what lays ahead or the steps necessary to get there. I have written numerous times before on goal setting, progression and specificity towards a certain goal. Before you make your next resolution, if you do not understand any of these concepts, take the time to read about them, understand them and use them in choosing and planning correctly for your new resolutions.

Let’s talk about the unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions. Don’t look back at them as short comings or as failures. Do not go into next year with a “New Year, New You” mentality, leaving behind the previous year’s work without having properly analysed or understood it. Although you can’t change the past you can learn an awful lot from it. Don’t be afraid to look back and use these instances as learning experiences. Identify the changes that would have been required for success and implement it into your next resolution if relative.

Be realistic if you intend on setting resolutions for the coming year. Why feel disheartened at the end of another year because an unrealistic goal or inefficient plan was set. Understand that the road to your goal may be much longer and arduous than you may have anticipated and that may require many smaller goals on the way there in order to ensure success and adherence. And come talk to your coaches. We can provide guidance and even an honest opinion if we feel the goal you have isn’t right for you.

Regardless of this last year, whether or not you’ve achieved what you set out to, be happy you are still in this “fitness” game. You have the potential to conquer whatever resolutions you come up with. Be positive in your approach and give this next year your best effort yet.