November Guest Spot – Martin O’Hara

How long have you been attending French Vanoli?

 I ‘ve been attending French Vanoli for 5 years. I started just after my last child was born. I was time constrained and was looking for an exercise regime that would work for my tight schedule, I started doing strength and core and was hooked straight away.  I also started Yoga classes 3 years ago at the recommendation of my physio after an injury. It has increased my flexibility and is great for my head space; I highly recommend the class.

You are one of our longest and most dedicated S&C members? How has S&C impacted on your fitness & lifestyle?

 Overall my fitness levels cardio and strength have increased. I’ve dropped a few pounds and gained muscle mass since starting and can still have a few beers at the weekend. I feel better overall.  As mentioned my flexibility has improved from doing the Yoga. With classes three times on Thursdays, I’ve no excuse for not making a class.

Why do you like the group classes?

The group classes are a great way to push me that little bit harder than if I trained on my own. In a lot of classes, we work in pairs so the other person helps you along. There’s great banter and craic in the classes which makes for an enjoyable environment to exercise.

What has kept you coming back to French Vanoli?

The coaches, the group and a relaxed environment to exercise. There’re lots of different options on class times, that allows me to train as often as I can morning or evening. The training sessions are different every week and the classes are not repetitive. 

What’s your long term fitness goal?

Really just to keep fit and enjoy the class, stay injury free and flexible (Yoga really helps).

You’re thinking of joining our new Athlete program – why does this appeal to you?

 In the past prior to joining French Vanoli I did a fair bit of weights, I want to increase my strength, improve endurance and see if I can reduce body fat – which would be added bonus. Just to try something new for a while to see what results I can achieve.