Thoracic Spine Mobility

The Thoracic Spine refers to the upper and middle back.
Generally we find people who spend long periods of time sitting at a desk or driving, will have poor T-Spine mobility.

2 reasons why T-Spine mobility is important:
1. T-Spine Mobility affects your shoulders range of motion.
2. If we can’t rotate well through our thoracic spine, then the burden falls to our lower spine to compensate.

Both these things are important, not only for every day life, but especially if you are following a fitness programme.
Improving your mobility in this area will help improve your squat, pressing/pulling and overhead positions

To check your T-Spine mobility, try this drill:
1. Lie down on the floor, back flat against it.
2. Your knees should be up with your feet and glutes flat on the floor.
3. Lock your elbows and bring your arms directly overhead, attempting to touch your wrists to the ground above your head.
4. Make sure to maintain contact between your lower back and the floor; don’t arch your back to get your hands in place.

If you can’t get into this position and touch your wrists to the ground, you have poor thoracic mobility. If you really had to struggle through discomfort, you have less than ideal thoracic mobility.

Here are some ways we can improve our T-Spine Mobility: