Movement of the month – Rowing

Rowing is a fantastic element of our CrossFit and Strength & Core programs and has some brilliant conditioning benefits.

As well as being an excellent non impact movement , it is one of the best full body exercises that one can do.


The rowing stroke contains four parts :

  • The Catch ( The first stage of the stroke where the body is tucked close together with chest tall and legs engaged and ready )


  • The Drive (The second stage of the stroke where the body lengthens as the legs extend and upper body begins to move )


  • The Finish ( The third stage of the stroke where the arms and legs are extended as the upper body finishes pulling the handle to the lower chest )


  • The Recovery ( The fourth and final stage of the stroke where the body returns to the catch position by unlocking the hips and legs to allow the catch positon to be obtained again)

Hope you all enjoy the video and best of luck with your next Rowing session folks!

Coach Padraic