Getting the right plan and sticking to it

Every one of us has a goal. Whether it is to run a marathon, get to the CrossFit Games or look better in a shirt we all train towards a particular result or goal. When we set our goals we are, ultimately, doing so expecting to achieve it. So take a second now to think about your own goal, when it was set, and how far you have progressed towards that goal in that time.

You should constantly be focused on progression in your training. None of us are professional athletes and, for most of us, fitness is a hobby. That, however, is not an excuse for complacency or short comings in reaching our goals. I’ve written before about both goal setting and progression, and how you can’t do one without the other. Both of those things are only of value once the correct plan has been put in place.

We have recently introduced dedicated times into our Wednesday CrossFit classes for people to work on their weaknesses. It is integral to your improvement that you devise a plan that you can implement into these coached sessions in order to progress more towards your goals, whatever they may be.

The only way to make something better is by doing something productive about it. Don’t wonder why something has not improved if the time has not been invested into changing it. Going forward, if you have a goal and don’t know how to go about getting there, come talk to your coaches. Together we will lay down a plan specific to what you need.

Fitness and nutrition are not complicated. There is a very simple approach to wherever you want to be. You just need to want it enough and be ready to invest into becoming better. Taking each of your weaknesses and breaking them down to their most simple state, making and sticking to a plan to better them, will eventually lead to you possessing a very strong and rounded fitness and finally reaching your goals.