Testing, Learning & ownership of your health and fitness journey

Our Fitness.
Our Health.
Our Journey.

These are all ours and we get to decide which direction they take based on our actions. However they can be disrupted at any stage and usually by ourselves!
On more than one occasion recently I have chatted to someone who has been looking to improve their performance or has been seeking a solution to their prolonged injury issue and have thought of various ways to skins those cats so to speak.

One of my favourite ways to improve performance was brought back to me recently while watching a CrossFit games athlete talk about how much they enjoy finding out that they are weak at a particular movement or activity. The look of almost excitement in their eyes is an amazing thing to see and I feel we all can learn from that mind-set of looking actively at or for our weaknesses day in and day out and really learning to love the game be it Pilates, Yoga , CrossFit or Giant Jenga!.

With this approach the transference of ability when one works actively on their weaknesses can be surprising for a lot of people as they didn’t anticipate that working on those elements can help with so many other areas of your fitness. Thankfully the Human body loves to be challenged and can be rewired when we approach the rewiring with some vigour and intent!
When it comes to Injury rehabilitation though we tend to shy away from too much exploration of working towards the weaknesses that we have found and with that find that our progress may be slow and make us a little impatient.

I was recently given some great advice on an injury of my own in that I needed to confront my weak area head on and it had to be through an exploration of some very simple looking but complex movements to master that I have no doubt having thought about them and utilised these movements that they will help me achieve a better awareness of my body and can definitely transfer to my being more mindful towards taking more ownership of my health and fitness journey.

Other great ways of testing and learning that will have great transference to other areas are:
• Building a morning stretching routine that can change emphasis from day to day or week to week even.
• Getting in front of an audience and speaking about something that you are passionate about.
• Changing your knowledge intake method from books to podcasts to written articles to coffees with mentors regularly so that you can improve the way that you learn.

– Test and learn, test and learn, test and learn. – Gary Vaynerchuck

Coach Padraic