Your coach might know best- Specific Training

A few months ago I wrote a piece all about goal setting and its importance in helping you progress in your chosen exercise program. Although goal setting is hugely important and lays the foundation for success it is only truly valuable once the correct training protocol has been identified and implemented. This is where your coach can become your best friend.

We constantly promote training styles that are “constantly varied” and develop all ten general physical skills. Variance is great in a program in that it prevents things becoming stale and ensures you are obtaining a more “all round” fitness.  However if you are looking for improvement in a more isolated area of your training, and looking to become a more competitive athlete, often specificity towards that goal promotes the best results.

Both our CrossFit and Strength and Core classes are designed to provide varied and inclusive training which compliments all ten general physical skills. Because of this constant strive for varied and accessible training we are often limited in constantly including more complicated and technical movements. This should not however slow down progression in the area that needs most work for you.

If you are interested in improving a particular area of your training or you are struggling to identify the part of your training which needs the most work in order to bring you to the next level come talk to your coaches. We are here for your benefit and for your personal growth and improvement. We can help you to identify a goal or a weakness that needs work and help to develop a plan that targets that area directly. We will be placing a considerable emphasis on this 1-1 based training over the coming months so if you do have interest do not hesitate in approaching us. Together we will find a way of ensuring you progress and achieve your full athletic and physical potential.

Coach Brian