Eve Miley

Eve Miley is one of French Vanoli’s long standing members and we caught up with her to find out just how she has kept up her motivation throughout the years. Eve continues to impress us and our new members in class –  her level of ability in Reformer Pilates is remarkable and we want to know her secret!

When you did you first join French Vanoli?

A chance comment about Pilates in Cloughanover sparked my interest so I duly turned up in 2004 & met Claudia (or ‘God’ as she is known in our house!). I really enjoyed the classes; I have done Step Aerobics & Circuit Training but I found the Pilates suited me better.

Why did you decide to do Reformer Pilates?

When Claudia started Reformer Pilates I joined up immediately & have followed her ever since (a little less of me these days (19 inches & 25 pounds or there abouts)

What has kept you motivated to stay training?

You never know when you go into class what delights God has dreamed up! I often wonder where she finds them but she certainly knows the body & all the muscles you have – some you don’t even know until she finds them!

(I’m not so keen on balance exercises !!!)

The team at French Vanoli are great – I mainly go to Andrew’s teaching classes; he is so enthusiastic & gives so much encouragement  and he really wants you to get the most from each and every class.

How do you find it benefits you day to day?

At home, we have a couple of acres, gardening & fattening a few lambs for the deep freeze so there is always plenty of work to be done outside. I am 68 this month and I find that my flexibility, strength & stamina gained from  Reformer Pilates certainly helps to get the work done!

What do you like to do outside of French Vanoli?

We are lucky to live near lovely woods so I do a lot of walking with our black Labrador