Effort = Your secret weapon!

“Let’s be the best at everything that requires no talent“– Paul O’Connell

I recently heard this quote from Paul O’Connell and it has resonated with a lot of what I have seen in our classes recently. We all worry about not being the most skilful at a particular thing or not being the strongest at a certain movement but a lot of the time that comes down to exposure and we beat ourselves up if we can’t dedicate the time and energy to developing those areas of our fitness or lives.

Effort however is in my opinion our secret weapon when it comes to getting more done than we think even in those skill and strength oriented areas.

Some examples of effort that require no talent or skill are as follows:

          Cheering your fellow classmate on whenever you get a chance (Mid workout or not!! 😊 )

          Helping someone put their weights away.

          Say hello to someone you don’t normally say hello to.

          During a workout where you are breathing hard, pause for a second and tell yourself calmly that you “get “to do this not “have” to and it will usually change your mind to a very positive state and you will likely find a little turbo boost available to kick on with!

          Give your workout buddies some praise on their effort. If someone PB’s high five them.  The more we think in terms of effort and progress the more progress we usually make.

          Finally, be kind to yourself but not too kind! Some days you will have lot’s in the tank and will be able to work like a trojan and other days though you must be kind to yourself and look for the small wins that lie in every workout somewhere!


I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite coaches Max El Hag

“Effort is a Choice“  and the choice is always yours.

Coach Padraic