Kate McKenzie

This month we caught up with Kate McKenzie, one of our visiting CrossFitters. CrossFit has a fantastic culture of visiting CrossFit boxes throughout the world and we have so many people that drop in to us throughout the year – but it is lovely when some of them can stick around for while…

Where is home for you?
Auckland, New Zealand

When did you arrive in Ireland?
I arrived in Ireland in June 2015 with my fiance. We moved here for his work and it was both our first times visiting Europe. It’s amazing being close to so many different countries and we are really taking advantage of travelling while we are here because New Zealand is a long way from anywhere.

How long are you here for?
His work contract is currently until June this year so it depends on that but we really like Galway.

Had you been doing CrossFit for long before you got here?
I was doing CrossFit back in New Zealand about 2 years before I started at CrossFit Galway. It was like starting back as a beginner after not doing it for so long which I suppose was a bit frustrating but the coaches have been great helping me improve with technique and they are also very encouraging and positive.

Is CrossFit Galway very different to your box at home?
I think CrossFit is awesome because whatever box I am at I always feel a great sense of community and togetherness. Everyone is positive and cheers each other on and because CrossFit is a scalable programme it caters for people from all walks of life. One huge difference for me would be getting used to the Irish accent, haha. Sometimes I can’t understand what a coach has just said because of the accent so I end up just waiting to see what everyone else does and copy them. Hahaha.

What do you like about CrossFit Galway?
The coaches have really made me feel so comfortable and encourage me to push myself while making sure I am using good technique. I find they have reasons for all their programming which is great and it is always nice seeing the same familiar faces and new faces around the gym. I usually head along to the early morning class and there are a few of us that are regulars there.

Are you enjoying the culture & social scene that Galway has to offer?
Oh my goodness maybe a bit too much. Galway is great for a night out but I have been sick so much over the winter period from getting merry maybe a bit too often.

Have you done much travelling around Ireland? Tried any other boxes?
I feel guilty admitting it but I actually haven’t done much travel in Ireland. CrossFit Galway is the only box I have tried as well. It’s such an easy country to drive around I really should do some more exploring. New Year’s resolution??haha

Greatest CrossFit Achievements/Goals for the future?
The good old muscle up would be a great achievement but baby steps, right?! Maybe 5 strict pulls by the end of the year.  I just made that up on the spot and maybe I regret it already haha also just to continue with the morning class 3x per week then running the other week day mornings.