Why your training buddy might be your perfect rival.

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So we have survived the tough time that was January and you have some classes under your belt.

February is where you can start to explore your abilities a little more in depth.

You’ve been very sore, very happy, very tired and very humbled. You are in a great position to make all your goals come true!  Now we need a support team for the next chapter.

By support team I mean find a training buddy and let’s make things interesting.

Your training buddy could be your significant other who you have started classes with.

They could be the first person that you chatted to during your first class and you have touched base with them ever since to chat about this exercise or this workout and how complicated it is to skip!!! .

They could be the member who is around your size and body shape and thought you could probably hold your own against them in a workout but when it comes to it they are on another level altogether and they seem to have the engine of a supercar!

They are the perfect training buddy. Now they may not be there every class with you but when you are in the same class you are naturally keeping an eye out for them if it’s a team workout so you can partner up or if its bench press day then you can spot each other.

This person along with your coaches will help you get to your goals enormously over the next few months but you must also let them become your rival. A little bit at least.

You might say you’re not that competitive or you think they are way ahead of you at the moment but believe me if you take each day as it comes and just inch closer and closer to them be it by the weight you lift or the amount of reps you do in a certain section of a workout then they will have been the best motivational source in your fitness world!!!

If you’re not sure who would make a good training buddy have a look around your next class and see who you think is good fun, a tough competitor but most of all is approachable and positive! Those people are usually great training partners!

If that proves to be a challenge then just ask your coaches.

We know more than you think about who might just bring you to the next level. !!

Time to get busy!

Coach Padraic