How to get your first Pull Up or improve on what you have!

Pull ups.

One of those movements we love to set grand plans for but somehow we don’t really get around to working on them between all the burpees and barbell work that goes on in class.

When they come up in a workout however if you don’t have them they seem like the moon away and it feels like they will stay that way.

Well now it’s time to go on the offence. Let’s get to work! Here are some standards to work towards and once they are achieved then and only then give a full pull up a try.

Hanging Strength
– Extended arm bar hang (Pull up or chin up grip is fine): 1 Minute
– Flexed Arm Bar hang (as above): 30 seconds


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Toe Pull Ups
– Build up to 20 unbroken reps in either an underhand or overhand grip with bar set up at chest height. Try to use less assistance from toes over time.


Offset KB Carries (Farmers carry & Waiter Carry )
– Build up towards Half bodyweight ( e.g. 2 x 24kg if BW is 90kgs+/ 2 x 12kg if BW is 50kg+) in Kettlebells for a total of 200m carry per week .




Working towards these standards will go a long way to you getting or improving on your pull up proficiency as well as having some handy benefits transferring to other movements that we do.

Keep up the good work folks,

Coach P