Why you should do a CrossFit competition

CrossFit boxes are a funny environment. They are packed full of individuals from all different walks of life. You get accountants, doctors, lawyers, police, shopkeepers, farmers, even the unemployed; a vast array of people very much from different social and economic backgrounds. However, everybody started CrossFit with the same idea; they wanted to better themselves either physically or mentally. Most people start without the intention to compete. They do not come in with a competitive mind set and care only for the immediate benefits of a “fitness program”. However as the CrossFit journey progresses so too does that competitive streak. Soon, as you find yourself getting some top placings in workouts, the temptation to pit yourself against athletes outside of your box starts to set in. This is because CrossFit is a sport. It is often referred to as the “Sport of Fitness”. One of the main characteristics of a sport is competition. Anybody that does find they are feeling increasingly competitive or needing competition outside of the in house WOD’s should consider undertaking a CrossFit competition. The following is a list of reasons why doing your first competition might be your best decision yet.

1. Measure of current ability
CrossFit is a progressive programme, i.e the longer we are doing it the better we should be getting. It is impossible to assess our current level without some type of physical test. CrossFit competitions are an excellent measure of your current ability. You are pitted against other athletes of similar ability and tested across a number of different events in order to establish the fittest individual present. By taking part in competitions you can gauge how you rank amongst others at your level and identify the areas you need to work on in order to progress to the next level.

2. Meeting fellow CrossFitters
CrossFit has an unrivalled sense of community and nothing shows this better than CrossFit competitions. Competitions are not only a way of testing you both physically and mentally but are also great social events to meet likeminded people that share your same passion and love for CrossFit.

3. Rewarding hard work
CrossFit separates itself from other fitness modalities in its constant push for progression and its constant relative intensity. Individual’s work hard in CrossFit to ensure they are always getting better, with the goal always set towards greater athletic development. CrossFit competitions are a great way of rewarding this hard work. Why work hard to become the best CrossFit athlete you can be if you never measure it in a competitive setting? Taking part in a CrossFit competition gives a sense of accomplishment that can help you push on harder in training. It can give reason to the hours spent in the gym becoming fitter and stronger.

4. CrossFit Competitions are fun
This ties in a lot with point number two. It can be easy to get caught up in the competitive aspect of competition however it is important also to remember that CrossFit competitions are hugely enjoyable. Use competition not only to measure progression but also to have fun.
As a closing thought, although everybody wants to do CrossFit in order to better themselves, competitions are generally attended by two different groups; those who want to win and those who just want to take part have fun. Whatever group you are in be happy, be proud and make a CrossFit competition top of your to do list.
Coach Brian