The value of Patience in your CrossFit Journey

Patience is a virtue they say… well they are correct!!! Every persons CrossFit journey is different and yet the same. We have all been there. The end of your last fundamentals session and you are standing around chatting with your fellow newbies sharing some final thoughts with your coach and you turn to see the regular class begin and they all look badass!!!!

We all think when we start that we won’t be able to do most of the things that we see a regular class do but it just takes time and some considerable patience with both the program and yourself.

The program is actually quite easy to be patient with because of the vast array of different movements, time domains and workout variety. Once you have decided to give the program a chance you will surprise yourself. That is a fact!

You may not see it but I like to call it “ Glacier Coaching” and you are going through it each and every day that you decide to better yourself by overcoming fear and challenging  yourself when you arrive in the door! The “ Glacier Coaching “ that I speak of is basically the process of you struggling and failing and succeeding and generally getting so mixed up in this crazy world that progress to you looks feels like it is the speed of a glacier.

We as coaches see this a lot as we remember when you first arrived and how “interesting “your squat was or how much water you drank during that first burpee-filled workout! You survived that by allowing yourself to change.  This is where patience comes in.

Every burpee done, every extra rep of something you hate or are terrible at, every time you think the middle of the workout is not worth pushing through….. Give yourself a chance to fly!!


A good way to stay patient is to hang out with those who you admire in the gym. The people that always have a smile on their face. The people who go hard every workout while maintaining brilliant technique. The people who arrive early and stay late to either shoot the breeze with their buddies or to work on things they suck at. The people who radiate humility. Those people are your oxygen and they will teach you how to be patient. Let them. “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting “

– Author Unknown


Coach Padraic