Danny Barber – Urban Movement

Tell us a bit about your background and how you started with Calisthenics?

My background is purely football! I never did Gymnastics as a kid or teenager! 6 years ago I could barely do a push or pull up! I was living in Harbin a province of China in 2011, it was -30 degrees a good 4/6 months of the year and as I don’t really drink, I wanted to find something to learn! One day me and my girlfriend was watching the biggest loser and I saw Bob Harper doing a pretty cool Yoga pose (the 8 crocked limbs) and I thought ” now that, looks cool!”And the next day I woke up, and failed trying to do it every day for the next 2 weeks until one day, I did it! That feeling of self empowerment I felt, instantly had me hooked! I went on to want to defy gravity like Hannibal for King and Frank Medrano, so I started to train and stretch daily & fail.. a lot! But never gave up! It was my passion and it grew and grew as the years went by! 2 years and a lot of blood sweat and tears later I moved to Shanghai to coach Gymnastics Movement and Calisthenics at Iron Dragon CrossFit and never looked back.


You are running a workshop with us here in French Vanoli on the 26th November. What should people expect to get out of this?

The Workshop I’m running I’m extremely excited about as it combines most of the Movements I love the most! The whole aim of the workshop is to give people something they can take away from it and train/progress with safely at their own pace. A lot of people I’ve coached in these type of workshops have previously experienced a lot of set backs and gave up with these type of movements believing it would never be possible for them. When all they needed was some coaching, be it just a little help, assistance or support. At this workshop I believe I can give you a different insight to these particular movements, just by making a few adjustments that will open up a whole new door to you and give you access to that unlimited power we all have within ourselves.


Describe your typical day?

My typical day starts about 7am with a coffee! Then a dog walk! I’ll spend 15-30 minutes stretching then on a good day head to the beach. I train hand balancing every day be it in the morning or evening, it’s every day! I have 2 jobs, I manage a bookies, and run a bar in a restaurant on weekends. I also coach a few people here in Westport but will be moving to Galway early next year to hopefully start doing what I love full time again as there seems to be a lot more interest in and around that area for all of this.


What do you love most about what you do?

The thing I love most about coaching is seeing the look on people’s faces when they realise what they’re actually capable of. That feeling of self empowerment you get from learning a new move or trick! Will never get old! I love what I do because just through this thing called Calisthenics, or Movement, CrossFit, what ever you want to call it! can ,and will not only change your life, but the way you feel about you.


Can you share some with us some of your future goals?

My future goal for now is to get back to doing this full time and dropping the 2 jobs and 50 hour work week I’m currently doing! I’d like my own business and to keep Spreading the Movement. I’m obsessed with perfecting my One Arm HandStand! But deep down I know no matter how good it gets, I’ll never be satisfied. Never settle for good, when you can be great.


Danny has a Gymnastics & Movement Workshop coming up on Saturday 26th November 2016 – there are still some tickets available. Please email info@crossfitgalway.com to pay and secure your spot. More information about the workshop is available here: http://frenchvanoli.com/2016/10/27/gymnastics-movement-workshop/