The shoulders are an amazing joint and are capable of doing some great things but also can get pretty messed up if we don’t take care of them.

Here are 2 excellent movements to strengthen the shoulder and upper back to ensure that you can stay injury free and improve your posture at the same time.

The Band Pull-Apart

This is a brilliant exercise which strengthens the upper back, can alleviate shoulder pain and reduce the chance of injury.

-Hold an exercise band with a shoulder-width gripout in front of you at arm’s length.

– Squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull the band apart so it stretched and your arms are at 90 degrees to your sides.

– Return your arms in front of you and allow your shoulder blades to spread a bit. Don’t lean back as you pull – stay upright with your core tight.

– Don’t shrug your shoulders, and control the negative portion of each rep.

– Recommended Reps:  3 sets x 15-20 Reps depending on strength of Band

Prone T, Y, A ( or “ Blackburns” )

– Lieface down, slightly arch your upper back and lift your shoulders off the ground.

– In a T position with your thumbs pointingupwards, move your hands off the ground and raise them above your shoulders slowly.

– Once there, pause for a 3 count and then lower them in a circular motion so that they rotate towards your lower back.

– Recommended Reps:  2 sets of 5-8 Reps with an option of adding some lights plates for extra resistance if needed.